Ethical games purchasing: can it be done or is this a Mario grade pipe dream?

My whole life has been three things since my earliest memory. Books, Computing and that thing nobody would have guessed from me, video games! Before I even got into computing my first flirt with technology was the Game Boy. Way back when and video games drove me to the computing scene as an enthusiast, an... Continue Reading →

The Xbox showcase: Microsoft’s belated arrival back to the console war.

Reading through articles for the showcase over the last couple of weeks has left a lot of varying impressions on me, a great article argued that the 2013 showcase that effectively ended the dominance of the Xbox was the best thing to happen to the brand (everything that could have gone wrong with the launch... Continue Reading →

back to basics

getting back into the swing of things after a rough year and to start we have some quick notes on what I'm doing and what my plans are for things from now on! enjoy guys!

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