The GTX 1080 Ti: Bringing artillery to the PC hardware knife fight

as a computing student i love nothing more than to sink my teeth into the latest and greatest offerings of the computing world and lately its been the 1080 Ti. the latest monster supplied by the Whiz kids at Nvidia. for a long time now Nvidia has been the powerhouse of the PC Gaming world. their cards have systematically performed at the top of the scale and delivered great optimisation for games. i personally have only ever encountered a singular bad driver update for any Nvidia card i have ever owned. this sin’t to say that AMD card are weak, i have the AMD 9590 CPU (great piece of equipment)but for me the Nvidia cards have always been a personal favourite.

now you might be mistaken for confusing this with the already widely available 1080 standard model that Nvidia shipped out as part of its current card generation and that’s an easy mistake to make. when i started out in computing i didn’t know the distinction either but the Ti is much more than that. the Ti models have always been Nvidias Flagship powerhouse card models. outside of the Titan series you wont find a card in their range that packs as much punch as these do.  the two biggest features brought forward by this card above the standard 1080 are that it has enhanced Direct X 12 support and packs a stunning 3584 CUDA cores. if you’re unsure what a CUDA is or does i would recommend this link. with the supreme processing power of the CUDA cores the card is able to push harder and faster than the standard model providing you with a Titan series performance from a GTX card which in itself is fairly impressive to say the least. add all of this to the fact that as standard the Ti model is basically begging to be used in SLI (this is where you run two Graphics cards as a singular unit via an SLI cable) and you get twice the fun and twice the power of the standard card Ti. think of the frames you’d achieve with that kind of power in your case.

1080 tI

the 1080 also plans to ship with an insane 11GB VRAM buffer allowing the smoothest of frame rates in any game no matter the resolution beating any previous card that has seen release from Nvidia. now the biggest and arguably the most important factor for a GPU designed for gamers is Overclocking. this is the practice of raising the cards core and memory allowances above stock to achieve a far greater level of performance and the Overclocking on this thing is a beauty with core speeds easily reaching as high as 2000MHz on the core and up to 12,000MHz on the memory when overclocked. if coupled with an adequate water cooling system this level of performance once again becomes totally unrivalled outside of the GTX Titan series. as show in the image below the card will easily push 5K for the best visual performance on the market with a AAA title dominating the standard 1080 model and for just shy of £700 the price is a little steep for this card but i feel if you can afford it and want the best there is then you cant really look anywhere else.

PowerPoint Presentation

Core Features for the GTX 1080 Ti

below we have a quick recap of all the points covered above and some more of the features that you can come to expect from the Ti model. i am very interested in the Direct X 12 support as pretty soon this software will be the standard for the industry with some games now having the option such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, so i’d recommend keeping an eye on that one.

– Fastest gaming GPU with 3584 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores and massive 11GB frame buffer, delivering 35% faster performance than the GeForce GTX 1080
– Get up to 3X the performance and power efficiency of previous generation GPUs.
– Ultra-fast FinFET and high-speed GDDR5X technologies, plus support for DirectX™ 12 features.
– NVIDIA GameWorks™ for a more interactive and cinematic experience, as well as incredibly smooth gameplay.

Hardware Specification for the GTX 1080 Ti

a quick recap of the hard stats for this card. most noteably here the need for only a 600W supply for this card is beautiful as it shows an incredible power efficiency and with SLI support things can can only get better.

– CUDA cores: 3584
– Video Memory: 11GB GDDR5X
– Memory Bus: 352-bit
– Engine Clock Base: 1480 MHz
– Boost: 1582 MHz
– Memory Clock: 11,010 MHz
– PCI Express 3.0
– Display Outputs: 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0b, 1x DL-DVI
– HDCP Support: Yes
– Multi Display Capability Quad Display
– Recommended Power Supply 600W
– Power Consumption 250W
– Power Input 1×8-pin & 1×6-pin
– DirectX 12 API feature level 12_1
– OpenGL 4.5
– Slot Size Dual Slot
– SLI Yes
– Supported OS Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista

the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is currently available for purchase from several retailers at the approx £650 price tag.

there are rumours circulating of a water cooled version of the 1080 Ti that would allow even more overclocking to be done so i shall keep an eye out for that and see what it looks like.

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