Intel and the I9: what we know and what we expect from Intels new monster CPU

So, I got an email from a friend yesterday asking me if I’d seen the new Intel chips … pfft … pretty much drooled myself into needing a new keyboard of course I’ve seen them… and man…what a thing they are to see. For those not in the know the I9 is the next generation of CPU being developed by the eggheads at Intel. It’s a god damn monster of a CPU too as I will explain. To start with I was expecting something along the lines of a 12 core from Intel to combat the Ryzen series from AMD. With its new Zen Architecture, the Ryzen CPU boasts quite confidently that it has the power to outgun the already powerful Skylake I7, they say god fights on the side with the biggest artillery, so when both sides have guns like these the only way to win is to crank up the size of your guns… and Intel really cranked them up …

Image result for intel core i9

a rough idea of the kind of tech the I9 will be sporting

as you can see from the Above and below images the current reports being leaked from Intel and highlighted by Forbes and other major outlets are that the I9 isn’t just looking to challenge the baseline Ryzen but also the ‘Threadkiller’, the Threadkiller is a project CPU currently being developed by AMD with 16 cores and 32 threads and is a real monster. I imagine once the boys at Intel heard they must have smirked and uncovered their own Monster from the shadows. At the very top end of Intel’s Arsenal we have the Core i9-7980XE. This model packs a hell of a punch, bringing an outstanding 18 cores and 36 threads worth of power and expected to have an L3 cache of over 16MB. This is impressive from Intel not just because they’re bringing so much power but because they seemingly have managed to achieve this jump within a single processor generation. This kind of step up in core and thread strength is usually not seen outside of a 2 or even 3 generation jump in processing technology so kudos to them.

Image result for intel core i9

here we can see the expected performance for the I9 


The technology jump does however seem to tie into Moores law which is rather interesting. Are we about to see a speed up in computing technology development after several years of a moderate stagnation? Even if not, it’s interesting to see the big guns coming out and going at it like this. Asa consumer we can only benefit from the results of such technical muscle flexing. Some issues regarding the reports are an issue though. We are in no way able to tell how much its going to set us back for the X299 series or the Threadripper from AMD which means we could be seeing some serious cash being dropped for these bad boys.

as always let me know what you’re thoughts are on this! are you going to be looking into an upgrade to this monster CPU ? think it’s overkill?

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