Logitech G402: a look at what £49.99 gets you in gaming hardware

I know what you’re thinking it’s been a while since I covered a technology piece and I promise they’ll be more common in future but for now I’ve been looking at one of the powerhouses from Logtiechs gaming division the G402 also named the ‘Hyperion Fury’ … I must admit even before id seen the stats for this thing the name had sold me. Some great marketing right there with that name because I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t find that cool as hell. It reminds me of when Microsoft were calling the Xbox one X the ‘Scorpio’ … how could you be on the design team for that and not keep that name?! that’s criminal right there! But back to the 402, after the name hooked me the price didn’t. now here’s a disclaimer for you, even though I built my own pc and spent a lot doing so on quality parts I at the time didn’t know a lot about peripherals, I am a student I can’t be expected to be all knowing. The mouse comes in at £49.99 which at the time and even now is a hefty price for my poor ass to afford. I remember when PC gaming used to be cheap! … said no PC gamer… EVER

As for why I chose this one well for starters and I will display my BIAS here and now, I don’t like Razer hardware (have had Razer peripherals in the past and it’s a not pretty relationship), outright already just don’t feel It’s worth the asking price when other providers pack the same stats only they don’t have chroma >_> now that that’s out of the way back to the Logitech stuff. The mouse caught my eye for three core reasons which are its size, its weight, and its specs. My three big core areas for purchasing a gaming mouse would be these three things. I know specs is a pretty all-encompassing thing but we’ll look at that later

Size was a pretty big deal for me with this mouse. My previous mouse had been damaged and I spent about five months with one of those £5 USB mice you get in a rush when you can’t afford anything else and dear lord that thing was tiny. I’ve got fairly large hands I’d say even for a guy and I always found I struggled with a mouse that wasn’t wide enough or long enough. I just couldn’t get the grip I wanted when playing a game and that’s where I feel this mouse excels for me. It’s not chunky by any means but it’s got just the right amount of width and length that means the bottom of my hand skirts the mouse mat but the rest of my hand floats nicely. I have heard that the step up the G502 has a slightly bigger feel to it but i don’t really like the style for it. On top of its overall feel a big selling point for me was the weight the mouse has. It’d only 144 grams with the cable but it feels like it has a great weight when you slide it around the mat. The mouse itself is if course lightweight and easy to slide around and pick up but it’s got a nice feeling behind it when you push you feel the little weight that it has move around with your hand. Other mice that I tested from Corsair for example just couldn’t get the weight feeling right for me. Lacked the feint pull or had way too much weight behind it.


big mouse for that big ugly hand of mine

Now for the good stuff, how is it in the game? Of course, this would be the big selling point for any gaming mouse. I’ve packed the stats below for a better look at it but the mouse is a prime gaming piece of kit to start with the low 144-gram weight has been supplemented with a DPI rate of up to 4,000 now I know some other products are offering up to 16 but have you tried to aim with a 16,000 DPI mouse? Unless you’re a pro gamer don’t even try it, you’ll give yourself an injury. In personal opinion, anywhere between 4,000 to 6,000 is the best range for an intense gamer and especially if you play FPS games (a higher DPI without a top of the line monitor can cause tearing in the image and drop the refresh rate) this high DPI rate allows for a great response with minimal movement in game and in general when using the PC. On top of the high DPI rate the G402 is packing a 32 bit ARM processor for independent in mouse tasks, a 1 millisecond reporting speed to almost entirely eliminate any kind of feedback delay that a substandard mouse would offer you a real charmer for gamers like myself that love to throw the mouse around the mat the Hyperion Fury has a 16G max acceleration rate so throw this bad boy around and see what results you get as I have yet to find an issue with it in game that isn’t down to user error (I suck at games I know 😀 )

Fusion Engine hybrid sensor
8 programmable buttons
On-the-fly DPI Switching
32-bit ARM processor
1 millisecond report
High-speed clicking
Full-speed USB
Resolution: 240-4000 dpi
Max. acceleration: >16G*
Max. speed: >500 ips** Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad

USB data format: 16 bits/axis
USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
Microprocessor: 32-bit
Dynamic coefficient of friction -:  .09 µ (k)*
Static coefficient of friction -:  .14 µ (s)**Tested on wood-veneer desktop.

Buttons (Left / Right): 20 million clicks
Feet: 250 km (155.3)
Physical specifications
Height: 136 mm (5.4 in)
Width: 72 mm (2.8 in)
Depth: 41 mm (1.6 in)
Weight: 144 grams,mouse plus cable (5.1 oz)
Weight: 108 grams, mouse without cable (3.8 oz)
Length Cable: 2.1 m (7 ft)


a closer look at the G402 with a sleeker design than the G502 was offering

So, the nitty gritty of any peripheral purchase, is it worth it? Despite the higher price I feel the G402 is a great piece of kit, for a casual gamer it’s probably not worth the purchase as cheaper alternatives are on offer to meet your needs and you’re not going to get the full usage from the product that a more hardcore gamer might enjoy (fps shooter players will really see the benefits of this) with its impressive stats and solid build quality (I am a sore loser I done testes the quality very much) the £49.99 price tag will pay for itself in the end through a long usage life and some improved results in your games once you adjust to the higher dpi and slick sensitivity if you hadn’t had a lot of exposure to gaming mice before this one!

full details on the G402 and enhanced product information can be found here.  but let me know what you think of the offering from Logitech. are you a fan or do you feel it just doesn’t work for you? thanks again guys!

side note: you’ll have to excuse the awful photography, i know it’s terrible bu ti promise it will get better in future pieces !

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