back to basics


I feel like I keep starting off like this and then falling back into the same pit but i have been so slacking lately. so much has gone on over the last year that it’s just been ridiculous to sit down and get anything going. my health has sucked a lot but is getting back into form thank god, I’ve been writing so many pieces for games I’ve been playing and I just cant like them enough to post it which is brutal to see work you’ve done not be good enough. BUT. I have been slowly getting back to form, actually working on something just now i hope isn’t garbage to see how that goes. Some short notes on what my plans are though!


there will be two distinct changes i feel other than the actually posting what i have written (shocker that being the purpose of a blog right?) but the first being a shift from playing things i like the look of that are new to just playing things i see that look FUN to play! previously i was trying to find things that looked interesting and thinking “i could write about that” and i found myself hitting the wall of “this is intersting… but i just don’t have fun playing it” which can and will burn out any desire you have to get into games the longer it goes on.

another big change for me is a shift towards more technical pieces. I’ve become a university student over the past year studying computer networking and have had the chance to work with some truly great bits of equipment that i would love to write about. the course gives me a great drive to write again which i have so severely missed. also i’d love to share more of what i actually do with my class time because it’s very nerdy and boring … but it’s such a great subject!


in summary because while this is only something short i feel like this is dragging on a bit already!

– suck less at actually posting things
– more technical posts from class
– more games i actually want to play
– just more enjoyment with the whole process and more refinement!

but anyway im going to leave this here, see how it goes and hopeful just get back to enjoying doing this! thanks guys!

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