About my humble page


hey there guys and girls so this is just an overview of things, a too long didn’t read disclaimer if you will about everything in my site! pieces are my own thoughts so you’ll have to take what i say with a pinch of salt but if you feel i’m too harsh or too kind to something then tell me why! as for the content for now i’m looking to write pieces on games, technology and some personal (but not too personal) stuff and maybe in the future if it goes well enough i will branch out and cover some other stuff too! (suggestions welcome) maybe comic books or movies (saying that you have to be actually qualified to be a movie critic)

About me

so a little about myself never hurt anyone i suppose. I’m a computing student in my third year at university for networking and systems engineering, a former computer games development student. briefly spent some time with IBM and then as a solo developer on several small projects that didn’t get off the ground like i’d hoped they would. i live in the west of Scotland and i have a special distaste for the Rain and the cold. always saw myself as a sunshine and sandy beaches kind of guy! i play a lot of games and like to think i have a rather diverse taste that allows me to get a slice of whatever gets released. my favourite game has to be Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, not to everyone’s tastes but a true masterclass of a game for me!


so I have a few rules here obviously because as much as i love the freedom of the internet i know that people can feel very strongly about opinions so with that in mind i ask for you all to keep it civil guys, no politics, bullying or aggressive behaviour. only a love for games, tech and gingers permitted ! that being said debate is more than welcome so ask questions and make comments to your hearts desire !

i hope you enjoy the content, nothing professional just all for fun so like comment, share and let me know what you think! thanks guys !